Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Day One of NaBloPoMo

Thank goodness I remembered. I have a cold and am pretty out of it today. For example, I wanted some tea, so I filled the (metal) teapot and put it in the microwave. Ooops. Fortunately, Erik & I both survived the day, even if the microwave did not.

He is full of fun. All day long he reaches out his arms to me. He wants me to pull him to stand. He's pretty good now, all I have to do is provide something for him to pull against and he can pull himself up. He's shifting his weight from foot to foot and sometimes he moves his feet. Often it is away from where he wants to go, but oh well.

Tonight I noticed that when he's on his tummy (kind of rare now) he will get up on all fours and rock. Everyone asks me if he does that, I guess it comes before crawling. Now I can say he does!

Unfortunately, I can't post pix of Erik in his Halloween costume. Joe took the camera to Target on Monday to develop some photos and I don't know where the camera is anymore. Joe went to the Timberwolves home opener tonight so I can't ask him. Maybe tomorrow. In the meantime, you can click over to Alley's blog to see their pictures of Erik as Yoda.

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