Sunday, October 29, 2006


Erik has been up to his usual shenanegans. He developed more stranger anxiety last week, as well as an intense need to always be within two inches of a parent. We are usually not allowed to put him down for any reason, and on those occasions where he deigns to sit and play, we'd better not leave his field of vision. Good thing he's so cute.

Wednesday was Joe and my third anniversary. Joe's former boss, Heather, came over and babysat. We went to a new (um, I don't know, is it a mall?) in Minneapolis called Midtown Global Market. About 20 local vendors have storefronts containing all kinds of foods and wares. We drank bubble tea, ate seafood, bought Japanese dessert, then ate some samosas and momo at a Nepalease restaurant. Very fun. Many thanks to Heather for making the evening possible. She was quite dazzled by Erik's sleep routine (lay him down in the crib) and warned us that any potential future children may not go to sleep as easily.

I will be participating in National Blog Posting Month in November. This means I will try to update this blog every day. There's more information at the website listed at the bottom of this post, however, the website does contain cursewords so read at your own risk.

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