Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Homecoming Part II

Here's Erik at the Augustana - Wheaton game. Augustana won, much to the shock of a certain Cobber. Speaking of Cobbers, leave it to Joe to run into people he knows at MY homecoming! Mike and Sarah happened to be sitting in front of us at the game and we chatted with them. Mike has a one year appointment to the Religion Dept at Augie.

We went to St. Paul in Davenport for church Sunday and saw many old friends from my HS days and some friends from Youth Encounter days, as well! Afterwards, we went to the home of our friends the Heuvelmans.

Here is Erik with Jim Heuvelman's enormous teddy bear.

Our last stop before returning to the airport was at the home of our friends the MacDowells. It was fun to see their house and meet their adorable daughter, Aisling. She gave me a charming and exhaustive tour of the house (this is the closet where we keep the broom!) It looks like Jen and Zach's daughter Eleanor was completely done in by the amount of detail included in the tour.

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