Monday, October 16, 2006


We left Thursday afternoon, flying to Rock Island IL to attend my 10 year college reunion. Joe racked up a bunch of gold stars this weekend. It started out by him packing for Erik. It continued by him shepherding us extremely competently through the process of taking an infant on his first plane ride. We gave Erik Tylenol 45 mins before takeoff. He slept through most of the flight, only waking when we landed.
We rented a car and drove to Marion IA to visit our friends the Nevens. Here the Neven girls, Grace, Ruth and Lydia, are enjoying a good book. Grace is becoming a proficient reader and was able to read to her sisters.

Can you see Erik, who has begun to sleep on his tummy? Perhaps this is the reason his 30 minute naps are inching up to 45 minutes.

Friday, on the drive back to Rock Island, we stopped at the Coralville Scheel's to visit David Revier, experienced Grampa. Erik's nap had been interrupted, however, and David had to use all his charms to win over Erik.

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