Monday, November 27, 2006

Little Bug

Last night was a bad night. After a run of fantastic sleeping in Chicago, Erik cried for an hour straight last night. We tried everything in our arsenal of soothing techniques. Finally, we gave him Tylenol and I nursed him to sleep. Ahhhh, sleep.

Today Erik refused to take a morning nap. Joe and I tried two or three times, but he wouldn't sleep. So I took Erik to playtime at the library instead! He had fun chewing on things and rolling the ball to Odin. When it came time to nurse him, he fell asleep. (Are you seeing a pattern? Good.)

This afternoon I wrapped him in a flannel (or maybe it's fleece, I can't tell the difference) blanket and put him down for a nap. He slept for an hour! Then when he woke he cried and cried and wanted to sleep more so we laid on the couch and he slept another hour and a half on my chest. So sweet.

We drove to Penny's to pick up his six month portraits, so cute. They always print some that I didn't order and then try to get me to buy them. It drives me crazy. This time they had three sheets of lovely pix, they told me what a good deal it was. It's so hard for me to leave behind pictures of Erik, especially before Christmas, but I felt I had to, just on principle. Oh well, the ones we have are lovely.

Erik had a fun day of crawling around, trying to chew on cords and eat paper. What could be more fun.

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