Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Bizarro date

Well, I know the blog is supposed to be about Erik, but obviously I'm a large part of Erik's world so tonight the post is mostly about me. Joe's sister Emily and her friend Dan came over tonight and babysat. Basically, Erik slept and they stood watch which meant that Joe & I were able to have a date. We first tried to go bowling but leagues had the lanes until 9. So we stopped by the local yuppie bakery (are there still yuppies?) and grabbed a hot chocolate and a cookie. Then we went and walked around Lake Calhoun. I think it's three or four miles. It was a great time to chat and burn off some energy but by the end my feet hurt, as I didn't wear great walking shoes. We went to Barnes and Noble and read books for a half hour and then Joe was ready to go. He wasn't feeling that great - a headache and offended nostils from stepping in doggie doo. As we exited the store, I slipped on the curb and twisted my ankle. Bummer. Fortunately, we were a five minute drive from home. So I got home and my foot's up and I have an ice pack on it. But it's wierd because I used to sprain my ankle all the time in HS and college but this time it's almost like my body has gone into shock. I'm laying under two blankets shivering like crazy! The original plan was for me to drive Emily and Dan home since Joe had a headache, but I just couldn't. So he's doing that.

I had a couple funny pictures of Joe entertaining Erik to post but the camera is in the other room so I'll have to put them on tomorrow. Sorry no pictures.

Much thanks to Emily and Dan for babysitting.

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