Friday, November 17, 2006

Seven months old

Today is Erik's seven month day. Here are his new milestones. For a couple weeks now he's been working on moving from sitting to all fours. He's pretty good at it. Today was the first day I saw him move from all fours to sitting. Very exciting. Also, he tried to pull himself up to a stand using something that wasn't me. He pulled on the completely full laundry basket. It was heavy enough that he was able to partially pull up. However, it wasn't tall enough for him to make it all the way up. He responds when I begin a familiar song or fingerplay like "Pat a Cake" or "Twinkle Twinkle". He's pretty vocal now, but he's still mostly making vowel sounds. Some consonants but I don't hear the fun "bababa" "dadada" babbling.

A friend from our ECFE class came over for an hour today to help me out. Someone else emailed me to say she was available Monday afternoon. This is the completely fabulous part of ECFE. Most people are there to meet other parents and they understand how challenging it can be sometimes.

As Erik scampered around on all fours I tried to get a picture of him doing his yoga moves, but as soon as he hears the camera turn on, he stops to turn and look at it. At least his hearing is good!

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