Wednesday, November 15, 2006

down for the count

Well, to continue talking about me and my ankle. I took some Ibuprofen last night and then again this morning at 4. When I woke up at 7 my achilles tenden area hurt pretty bad. I thought that was odd since I'd taken drugs at 4 so I had Joe take me to urgent care at 8 when it opened. Here's something I learned:
Good reasons to go to urgent care - sprained ankle, toe fungus, bad cold
Bad reasons to go to urgent care - chest pain, can't breathe, cut yourself on a box cutter

After some epic wait time, I was seen by a nurse, doctor, x-ray technician, radiologist and some sort of fetch and carry tech person. The whole thing took two and a half hours and I came home with my ankle in an air cast and using crutches. I don't know if you've ever walked with crutches, but it's not that easy. So the question becomes, how do I care for Erik? This question is still largely unanswered. Today a bevy of friends came over and helped me. Erik was fairly puzzled and not in a good way. He was willing to have his diaper changed by kind women while I sat nearby, but he drew the line at these other women putting him down for a nap. He was having none of that. Oh, and I'm supposed to be on these crutches for two weeks. Two Weeks.

On a more positive note, here are some pictures of how far Joe is willing to go to entertain Erik:



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