Sunday, November 12, 2006

Crunch Crunch

Erik and I hunkered down at home today. Joe went to the Vikings game and I didn't even try going to church. I didn't realize until tonight how mild it was, or I would have taken Erik for a walk. Now that he has been eating carrot mush and does not seem to be allergic to it, I decided to give him one to chew on as a teether. He enjoyed chewing on it, but eventually got his little teeth in there and was getting pieces off. So I put it in his safe mesh feeder, but he no longer was interested in chewing it. I think tomorrow I'm going to try putting the carrot in the freezer for extra teething relief.

My dad flew in today with some fun gifts. He and mom had been in Norway and brought Erik fun presents - clothes, books, a CD and some chocolate. Ok, the chocolate is for Joe & me. Erik had international book reading night tonight. He got to hear two books in Norwegian and one in French. It is very difficult for me to switch between Norsk and Francais but Erik didn't seem to mind. He really didn't even seem to notice I wasn't speaking English. He's very accepting of other cultures.

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