Sunday, November 19, 2006

Happy Birthday, Morfar!

Erik had a good day today. He took a marathon one and a half hour nap before church, was an angel in church and at lunch at Yum!.

He had a rest at home and then we went back to church for our young parents Small Group. He hung out with the babysitter and let us be with the grownups. He saw his friend Liam who is about nine months and is crawling. Liam's mom Karen predicted Erik would be crawling in a week. Maybe he will start while he's visiting his besteforeldre in Chicago!

After small group we went over to the Rundmans to pick up some 12 month clothes. Tomorrow Erik gets his flu booster shot and I will find out what he weighs. I believe it was Dawn Rundman who pointed out Erik is on the cusp of many new things: crawling, teeth and pulling to stand. It's a very exciting time in Erik's World.

Erik enjoyed his quality time with his grandparents this weekend. It was too short of a visit for a bath or walk, but they had some nice cuddle time in church and at Yum!.

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