Monday, November 20, 2006

Happy Birthday, Brady!

Someone get that boy a napkin. Erik had fun at his first ever birthday party. Some friends from ECFE were there. They alternated between sitting on the floor playing with Brady's toys, taking the toys away from each other, and being consoled in their parents' laps.
Except Alley, who is obviously going to be the next breakout model for Gymboree. By the way, it looks like her dad is about to step on her patent leather Mary Janes but he actually stepped over her and she maintained her cool and relaxed pose.

Now that he's seen what toys Kevin and Brady have, Erik came home and started working on his letter to Santa. First on his list is continued good reports about his buddy, Ellis. We tried to explain it's another bearded old man that is helping Ellis, but it got too theological for Erik and we just let it go.

Thanks to Dawn Rundman, Erik made it to his clinic visit for his flu booster shot. He weighed 22 pounds in his onsie, diaper and socks. This is up from 20 pounds, six ounces at his six month visit.

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