Friday, November 03, 2006


Today I took in Erik for his six month photos. The photographer seemed quite taken with him and I can't blame her a bit. As usual, the hardest part was picking one picture. This proved impossible. Apparently, next week the pix will be available for viewing online. So I'll post a link and then everyone can tell me what they think I should have done. Won't that be fun? I showed Joe the "proofs" (they are actually just a computer printout on paper) and he loved the same two I did and picked the same one I did for the package. Whew. I did splurge on a couple of higher end things and some frames for them. Joe ordered one of these fancy 4 X 10s in June and still hasn't bought a frame for it. I figure, even if we could find a frame cheaper, it's worth the money just to have it and be able to display the pictures already!

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