Monday, November 06, 2006

Some bad, some good

Today was a tough day. It started out well. Erik and I went to Baby Storytime at the library and stayed for an hour afterward for playtime. However, his naps continue to be a paltry 30 minutes, and he is not responding to my efforts to day sleep train him. He wakes up super cranky and tired but I haven't found anything that will get him back to sleep again. This afternoon he woke up wailing and I couldn't soothe or comfort him. I tried giving him Tylenol and taking him for a walk. He did calm down on the walk.

On the plus side, eating solids continues to go very well. He has now eaten sweet potatoes, peas, squash and carrots. He eats anything and has become fairly neat. Usually if he gets messy, it's the fault of the parent who is feeding him. At this point, eating solids is not for nutrients or calories, just for experience, and so far, it's been a pleasant experience for all of us.

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