Monday, September 04, 2006

Cool Dude

We had a good week last week. Nanny McJ came twice and did great. I have a tray with a whiteboard bottom that Nanny McJ writes comments on. I was nervous work day 1 because Erik has not been reliably taking a bottle. However, I called home at noon and he'd taken 4 oz great. She wrote on the whiteboard that the second bottle he seemed to want more. Work Day 2 I left three 6 oz bottles and he drank them all! Yay Erik! Even his slight fussiness at the new sensation of a tooth errupting did not seem to faze her.

We drove to North Dakota with my mom Friday. We stayed two nights at our farm by Wyndmere, ND. We saw Barb and Cindy Friday and Saturday. We had a pleasant surprise Friday night when Grampa's cousin Norris stopped by. He lives on the west coast and was in the area with his son. This weekend Erik discovered the many joys of Cool Whip. It's good he could learn about this at the farm, as neither of his parents are Cool Whip eaters so he's not likely to get any containers at home. One fun thing to do with Cool Whip is put it on your head. That was my favorite. Erik's favorite was a game: pick up the container and drop it on the floor. He quickly had me trained to pick up his toy for him. He's so bright.

That's our trip to No Dak in a nutshell. Tomorrow I will tell you about the trip to So Dak!

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