Monday, September 11, 2006

The Firstborn

Well, it hit 55 yesterday so when we took Erik out for his walk, we bundled him up. A co-worker gave me these lovely Land's End mittens and hat. And that's Paavo's jacket with built in reflective tape. Fortunately for us, Erik doesn't mind hats. Before I saw the temperature, I felt a little bad that we had so many clothes on Erik. I thought we were being overprotective. But once I saw it was 55 degrees I was glad that we had his ears covered.

On our walk, we stopped by the home of our friend Lynn. She is the pastor who did our wedding ceremony. It was fun to see her and her daughter. Lynn told us about her trips to the Gulf Coast to minister to Katrina victims. She said it was the most powerful ministry she's ever done. Of course Joe was a little puzzled by that since he thought she said she'd made two trips to the golf course. I suppose golf ministry could be powerful as well.

I must admit we've had a few rough days and nights. Erik is getting another tooth, and we have stopped swaddling him. So he was having some trouble falling asleep. He seems to have turned a corner and is doing much better with that now. In fact, tonight he fell asleep so easily I had to go in and check that he was sleeping and hadn't smothered himself somehow. It was reassuring to remember that he had absolutely nothing in the crib with him.

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