Saturday, July 08, 2006

When does the check clear?

Erik had an exciting day yesterday. He went down to the offices of the local Lutheran publishing house (here after known as AF) to be recorded for a website, or something. He was supposed to coo, laugh, giggle, etc. However, Erik was wondering why his nap was cut short and so was more musing to himself instead to cooing and giggling. When it came time to record him crying, he was happy to oblige. Mommy talked the editor out of putting an ice cube on Erik's foot, and instead we had a much more organic cry from Erik's being placed on his tummy. Then I was supposed to shush him. However, I shushed him with words instead of by saying "shhhh" so I'm not really sure AF got anything they can use. If they do use Erik's little voice, I will be sure to post a link here. How exciting. Note to self, next time you go downtown alone with Erik, bring the stroller.

Just as an aside, Erik has been a little fussy the last hour. He calmed enough that I could put him in his chair and work on the computer. I've been talking to him as he sat in his bouncy seat and I typed on the computer. His fussing slowly increased and I thought I'd better wrap things up and pick him up again. Suddenly, he was completely quiet, I peaked around the computer screen and he's engrossed and fascinated by the tree outside our window.

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