Tuesday, July 04, 2006

It's a nice day for a white wedding!

Well, it was a very close vote. The votes are still drifting in, but blue won. He looked cute and was a big hit. Elderly strangers at the wedding kept offering to watch him for me so I could go socialize. That was a bit wierd. I'm embarrased to say that this is the best picture we have of Erik in his outfit. It's a great picture of Joe and his college friends, but not so good of Erik!

Yesterday, we went with Erik's grandparents to the Taste of Minnesota (the mini-fair, or Minnefair). Joe's sister Susan is a guitar tech for Soul Asylum and they were playing. It was fun to see Susan do a sound check in front of the crowd. It was also fun to see Dave Pirner bring his almost 3 yr old son up on stage to sing the chorus of their new song "Stand Up and Be Strong". It was a very sunny and warm day, and while I filled the diaper backpack with baby things, I forgot a hat. So during the actual concert, I was mostly back in the grass behind the stage, where it was shady. It was perfect, I could sit on a bench or in the grass. It was shady and there was a breeze off the river. And being behind the stage the volume was perfect! Here's a picture of Erik and me enjoying the summer evening. And one of Erik at home with his grandparents.

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