Saturday, July 29, 2006

The calm after the bath

To look at this picture of Erik, clean and happy and playing with his new blanket/bear, you would never know that just minutes earlier he was shrieking his head off in the bath. Erik has a tolerate/hate relationship with the bath. Somedays he does fine, somedays he cries the whole time, somedays he is a mixture. Tonight he screamed as though white hot needles were poking him the moment he touched the water. As soon as we were done rinsing off the soap and were getting the towel ready, he calmed down. So odd.

Here is a picture of Erik's first piggy back ride. Somehow Erik's pacifier was on the floor under his crib waaaay back in the corner. Despite being so big he barely fits under the crib, Joe had to be the one to go get it because, come on, there are bugs down there. I can handle bugs outside, but not in my house and not in the nursery.

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