Saturday, July 01, 2006

All Through the Night

That's right. After dazzling us yesterday with his ability to roll tummy to back, he then capped off the day by sleeping from 11 pm to 6 am. Woo! Clearly, he has great things in store for him.

Erik and I took it easy yesterday morning and did not go to playgroup because he'd been coughing so much. I know every kid under the age of three will have this cold in a few days, I just don't want to be the one who passed it to them. Instead we stayed home and had some infant massage. Erik tolerated it very well, so we were able to move through legs, tummy, chest and arms. Often we don't make it that long. Then I turned him on his tummy to do his back. Immediately, Erik put himself into roll over position. It was very funny. I was torn between wanting to massage his back and wanting him to practice his new skill. So we compromised and did both. Erik did refuse to roll for the video camera though. He's so modest.

Last night Erik hung out with his friend Paavo. Paavo is two and kept introducing himself to Erik: I'm Paavo. He also was eager to pat Erik on the head and tickle his feet. When Erik fell asleep, Paavo volunteered to give Erik a nuk (or pacifier). I explained that Erik asks for his pacifier by crying when he's tired. So after Erik woke up and started crying, Paavo got to give him his nuk. We're looking forward to all the things Paavo will teach Erik as he grows.

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