Tuesday, July 25, 2006


A week or so ago, Erik's friends Brady and Brooke came over and played. Erik had just woke up from a nap and needed to nurse. Brady is eight months old and so is able to do lots of things that Erik can't do. This is exciting but with the fun and games comes the possibility for poking someone's eye out. Brady bonked his head on our hardwood floor and started crying and screaming a little. His mom was right there and was able to comfort him. When Erik heard Brady cry, he looked up from nursing, stuck out his little lip and started crying. This is a boy who until last week had rarely voluntarily popped off the breast during nursing. I held Erik and comforted him and he stopped crying but he was no longer interested in nursing. He cranked his head around and watched Brady until Brady had calmed down. I am just amazed at how babies this young respond to other babies in distress. Erik has heard other babies cry when they are hungry or tired, and he has responded a little (usually by looking at me to check out my response). Somehow, he seemed to understand that Brady's cry was a totally different type of cry.

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