Sunday, July 30, 2006

Daycare bummer

Well, this is getting to be a theme for us. We talk to someone about doing part-time daycare for Erik in the fall, they are interested, may even say yes, but then decide not to do it. This is the fourth time it's happened! This time, we'd interviewed a nanny and agreed to do a trial run. When I called her to set it up, she didn't return my call. I guess I should have been concerned but I figured she was on vacation. After all, just two weeks ago she was excited to be Erik's nanny. When I called her again tonight, she told me she didn't think she could do it. I completely understand, as she has her own infant and caring for two is a big responsibility. Unfortunately for us, that puts us back at square one. So after copying a friend's list of about 20 daycares, tonight I started to call. So far, the two I've reached have no infant openings.
Guess I'll be on the phone all day tomorrow.

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Beth & Rob said...

We have definately been there, as you remember - it certainly is a pain looking for daycare - especially one you can feel you can rely on. - Beth