Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I know I just posted but I just can't get over how easy it's been the last couple days to get Erik to sleep. It makes me wonder, we've been holding him and rocking him to sleep, has he not needed that? Did he get fussy because our attempts to help him really got in the way of him putting himself to sleep? Or did he have to get really fussy last week and take a step backwards before making a developmental leap this week? So that even if we'd tried this before it wouldn't have worked?

Who knows. I'm just glad it's working!

Erik's new Fuzzi Bunz (cloth diapers) came today. He's grown out of his size small black ones. I ordered the mediums in sage, butter, and perriwinkle. It made sense to have the new size be a different color from the smalls. They arrived and I am excited to once again have cloth diapers he won't leak out of every two hours. However, the colors, um, let me just recommend black for anyone interested in ordering Fuzzi Bunz in the future!

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