Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Leaps and Bounds

So much to tell you about!

Our new nanny, Justina , came yesterday for a trial run of three hours. Things went well. He was a little fussy when I left but when I called a couple hours later, she had gotten him down for a nap. That's no small feat. When I came home at noon she'd been trying to give him a bottle for ten minutes with no success. The last bottle he took was three weeks ago at our friend Erika's. Justina confirmed that she would start coming Tuesdays and Thursdays starting next week.

Although yesterday was a good day, I decided I wanted to get away and go to a movie. So I called around, and my friend Beth wanted to come too. However, she had just gotten home from work, so she suggested we go to the late movie. That was perfect, in a way, since Erik would already be down for the night. The question was whether he would wake up for a last nursing before I got home.

No, Erik slept from eight pm to 4:30 am (sleeping through a huge thunderstorm), and then from 5 am to 8:30! That's pretty exciting, but possibly even more exciting was what happened between 4:30 and 5. Joe got up and went down to make Erik a bottle. First he just gave an ounce, since we don't want to waste too much milk. Erik sucked it down just like he used to. Then Joe heated another 4 ounces. Same thing! We are hoping this is a sign that our happy bottle drinker is back!

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