Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Not So Merry Napster

So it occurred to Joe and me this weekend that with Erik so strong and doing some sitting it may be time to bring up the Exersaucer. It was fun to watch him in it. He was very interested but it's not as steady as other chairs he's been in. So he looked very tense as if he didn't trust that the thing wouldn't pitch him over at any moment. I only left him in there a few minutes and stayed right with him just in case he got scared. Joe snapped this cute picture of him. I'm glad my friend Sara the OT doesn't have internet at home so she won't see this picture. I guess the Exersaucer isn't good for his hips or something.

Aaaaaah! Why is it some times we struggle through 45 minutes of screaming and still Erik's not sleeping, and other times I just lay him down and he's out like a light? He seems to respond to calm and soothing music now. So I checked out a CD of "lullabies" from the library. They do have some genuine lullabies - Rock a Bye Baby, etc - but others are what I would classify as children's songs - All Around the Mulberry Bush, for example. Anyway, this afternoon I put Erik down for a nap drowsy and heard not a peep from him for a while. When I went in to check on whether he was asleep or not, the CD was playing "Frere Jacques" (Are You Sleeping)!

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