Saturday, August 12, 2006


Erik got to go to playgroup at church yesterday. Here's a picture of him reconnecting with his friend, Liam. Liam is six months old. He is rolling over and has found his feet. Erik and I have not gone to playgroup very often this summer because I have been working on Friday mornings. It's nice to have a day for play. The next picture shows Erik practicing his sitting. He prefers to practice standing.

I consider last week's desensitization to the bath a success. Once again, Erik did not scream during the bath this week. In fact, when we put him in the water, it took a while before he even started crying. Erik has been screaming quite a bit in non-bath situations. Most of the time we have no idea why. I'm glad we're going to the doctor in a week. We have lots of new questions to ask her. I'm really hoping that she will say Erik's tongue thrust reflex has decreased enough for him to start eating rice cereal! Fun fun!

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