Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wait, where did the mess go?

I hired a cleaning company to come out this morning and spend a couple hours cleaning my house. It was lovely and smelled so good afterward. When the boys came in the house from the neighbor's house, Erik noticed the smell of peppermint right away. He has said in the past how much he likes things to be messy, but I always assumed that was just because he didn't want to have to clean up. This afternoon he was driving a toy truck around, and he reached waaaaay under some heavy furniture to pull out a dust bunny and put it in his truck. He was just so at sea with the house being so clean, he had to find one of his old friends, dust bunny, to feel comfortable again!


Gayle said...

Oh brother--I don't believe it!
You need a better cleaning
company--imagine leaving dust
bunnies around! Remember our
neighbors in G.F. who thought
they had been robbed everytime
they came in the door after the
cleaning person had been there?

Gayle said...

I think this is a great basis
for a book--"Erik and the Dust