Saturday, June 05, 2010

Four years

So far, I really like the age of four. Yesterday, Joe was going to take the boys to the local kiddie pool. Adin tripped and skinned he knee. He refused to go to the pool. Erik was verrrrry disappointed, but he was able to say with a quivery voice that he was sad about it. Last summer, he would have had a flat out tantrum.
His Grandma was here Thursday night and he wanted to go downstairs and play 'Bert and Ernie Goodnight' with her. Adin said he wanted to play too, but he couldn't go down right away, I forget why. Lois (Grandma) said that Erik waited for Adin to start the play. So sweet, especially since once Adin came down they bickered quite a bit.

He's also become significantly better at cleaning up after himself. He doesn't make a big fuss about it, sometimes he will even do it without my asking or with only one ask. When he does put up a stink, I tell him I will think about that next time he asks to play with the item. He goes right over and starts putting things away!

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