Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Tonight there was an ice cream social at church. During dinner Adin said he didn't want to go. I figured he was probably pulling a two year old maneuver and asked if he'd rather go with me to the grocery store. Yes he would. He steadfastly maintained that he would rather go shopping with me and how excited he was to go to the grocery store. [And by the way, through the entire shopping trip he did not shut up about how much fun he was having at the store. I had to tell the manager.]

I started up the car and as soon as the music from the CD started (Peter Himmelman "My Fabulous Plum") he said, "I love this song." We drove about two minutes and he said, "I love this music. I really, really love this song. It's really, really funny." I said, "It's not as funny as you!" He said in a small, sad voice, "It's a little bit funny."

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