Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Adin's language sample from tonight.

Here's what Adin said tonight as he was winding down in his crib:

Can you go over there?
I thought you was.
You have to look in the bookcase. (should have been past tense)
That’s a good idea mama.
He’s tired and sad. (he could hear Erik crying)
I’m a little bit sad.
Is somebody out the door?
Not you, no, not Mama.
But you was.
I was waiting for you and Papa.
What’s your name again?
What’s your names?
No, that’s not your names.
Anne is your two names.
Mama, can we meet Gramma here?
Ok, that’s a good idea Mama.
You said yeah. You said yes, too.
Can you tell me a knock knock joke to me?
You say knock knock. I say who’s there.
Ok. I will not cry. (after a boo who knock knock joke)
It’s gone on.
Is that a funny one?
Can you tell me a different one joke?
No. I don’t want another knock knock joke.
Papa dump it for me.
Me either. Not me.
That’s a laugh-y one. I laughed. (After I told him a joke. I love this comment.)
Should I lie down instead?
I’m asleep.
I want you cover me.
I want you lie down.
Oh no. I love jokes.
There’s two and three. I like those numbers. My number’s two.
‘K. I will be quiet.
So cozy Mama

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Lois said...

So adorable!