Saturday, January 02, 2010

A Day of Firsts

Adin had quite a day today. He said his first three word phrase: more juice please. He also peed in the potty! He's been saying, "pee pee" and standing near the toilet. A couple times I tried sitting him on it, but he was a little scared. So I when he says that, I let him sit on it with his clothes on. Then one time Erik was on there when Adin said, "pee pee" so I put Adin on the little potty seat. Tonight when the kids were getting ready for baths, I guess Adin said it again, so Joe had me get the potty seat and we put him on there. It's physically a little hard for him to sit on it and aim down, but he got some pee in there! And some on the floor, but still! Then during books he requested the potty again, but I'm not sure that he peed the second time. Wow! How fun for him to have a little success so early.

1 comment:

Gayle said...

Think of a time in the future
without diapers! Adin watches
his big brother and wants to do
everything he does.