Monday, December 28, 2009

Nerding out on language development

Adin is in a really fun phase of language development, when he says new words and phrases everytime I turn around. I read this fall that during the language burst between 18 and 24 months, kids can learn a new word every 90 minutes! I think Adin is pretty close. He started saying, "Mormor" and "hotdog". He received an Elmo doll on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning he walked around calling Elmo and looking in boxes. Today he picked up a DVD case and said "Elmo World" (the name of the segment on Sesame Street that features Elmo). At lunch time, I heated up a hamburger and he started asking for a hot dog (or maybe he was trying to say hamburger!) When he saw me starting to heat one up for him, he started saying "thank you". It's funny how the words he's been saying for a while are crystal clear, but the new ones are fairly muffled. This was so nice to hear, partially because when Erik was one and a half, I know he could say those exact words! He called my mom and left a message saying "Thank you Mormor [for the] chocolate" I had to prompt him with each phrase, it's not that he could say four word phrases. So even though I work hard not to compare what each boy does at a particular age, it's nice when I know Adin's in the ballpark, at least!

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