Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Personal growth

On Saturday Adin started saying, "Erik". He was saying "eh" and I thought he was saying 'Erik' but Saturday he started saying "Eh-uk"! He will point to my seat in the car and say "mama", the passenger seat and say, "Papa", and Erik's seat and say, "Eh-uk". Today when we got back in the car after dropping Erik off at school, Adin pointed to Erik's carseat and said, "Erik school" (no r in Erik or s in school but still!)

Adin also began saying, "blankie" last week after he heard Erik saying it. He has a crocheted blanket that has been his favorite. Today when we were going to walk to the library, I asked Erik if he would like a blanket over his legs. While he was thinking about it, Adin said "bankie" so I went and got a quilt. No no no! A yellow quilt is not 'bankie', only the white crocheted blanket is 'bankie'. So he snuggled under his favorite blanket on the way to the library.

Erik has been showing new levels of restraint and maturity regarding his brother. Today while I was in another room I heard him ask Adin, "Can I play with that?" instead of just taking it away! Fabulous. And when they were in the double stroller on the way to the library Erik told me, "he just hit my head, but it didn't hurt." In the past he would have freaked out, even though it didn't hurt. Hooray for baby steps towards getting along.

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