Monday, December 28, 2009

Erik the snow bunny

Before I tell about Erik in the snow, let me tell you about Christmas morning. We looked out the front window. A bunny had tamped down a trench under our bench and was huddled under the bench, sheltered from the falling snow. Very cute. After the bunny hopped away, I put a carrot and some lettuce under there, but I haven't seen the bunny again.

Anyway, it's been fun to watch as each winter Erik is more playful in the snow. The first winter I didn't take him out much. When he was one, he was so small that when I bundled him up he couldn't move very well, and didn't know what to do anyway. Last year, Erik went out and played a little more, but then Adin was a baby so I couldn't really go out with Erik. I would send him out and watch from the window. He like shoveling but would shovel the snow from the snowbanks onto the sidewalk. Also, he refused to wear snowpants and that made it harder to play a long time.

This year, he has warm snowpants and boots and he loves to play outside. He'll ask if he can get bundled up. He still loves shoveling, but mostly has learned to shovel into the snowbanks. He just came in from outside and his cheeks are cold but his fingers are toasty warm. Yay!

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