Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wilderness Adventure

We went to the Wisconsin Dells this weekend for the first time and stayed at the Wilderness Resort. It's huge, with multiple waterpark areas to explore. Erik blows hot and cold when it comes to pools, so I didn't know how this would go, but he loved it. The wading pools were nice for him, just a tiny bit too much spraying water. We drove down Saturday and came back Monday, and he was sad to leave. He said three days wasn't long enough. He wanted to stay at least five days, or even better, could we please live there? The picture of Joe and Erik in the yellow inner tube was one of Erik's favorite activities: floating on "Lazy River".

Adin had fun, too, but he had a bad ear infection, so he was pretty zonked out the whole weekend. By the time he had antibiotics and was perking up, we were headed home. Oh well, he got lots of cuddle time.

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