Thursday, January 21, 2010

Well, la ti dah

Adin is now saying three word phrases on a regular basis. I've been writing them down, but of course they are upstairs as I am writing this. When we came in from outside he said, "no jacket on". At bedtime yesterday he talked about, "Elmo blanket book". This evening he even said, "yellow ball go in"! 'No' plus two words or 'my' plus two words are very popular ways to get in a three word utterance. And he's trying to imitate everything. Because it's past my bedtime, of course I won't remember what the funny long word he tried to say was, but maybe tomorrow there will be a good one I can report. He's had an ear infection and does not want to take his medicine, so all week he's been saying, "no medicine" but it comes out all funny and cute.

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