Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fair and Equal

Yesterday we went to Target and Erik was a good listener so at the checkout, I bought a little $1 box of 6 choc chip cookies. I told him I would have 2, he could have 2 and Adin could have 2. When we got in the car and I gave him his 2, he told me, "Next time we have a treat with six treats, I have all of them because I like sweet things." I told him I like sweet things, too, so maybe I should have all six. No, he said. "I'll have three and you can have two." I suggested I could have three, he could have two and Adin could have one. "No, we can all have two." pause "but I want the most."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Mormor and Morfar like chocolate
chip cookies, too. We can't wait
for the next two weeks to fly by
so we can see you. We'll bring
the chips and make cookies for
Erik and Adin and all of us.
Love from M 'n M