Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Good teeth

Erik had his first real visit to the dentist today. He went in January, just to sit in the chair and meet the dentist. He was a little nervous, but I told him she would count his teeth and tickle them with some tools. He brought along a stuffed bear so she could show him on Mr. Beeps before doing anything to him.

They are working on the road we take to get to the dentist so instead of taking 3 minutes it took about 20. We just crept along. I think that made it harder for Erik, he just sat there thinking about how scared he was.

We got there about 3 minutes late, so they were ready for us. Margo, his dental hygienist, came out and talked to Erik and she was obviously fantastic with kids. She showed Erik the chair and the booster that Mr. Beeps would have to sit on, and Erik could sit there too. Once I saw he was ok, I had to go around to the other side of the partition for my own cleaning, which was hard. But I could hear him chatting with Margo and he could see my feet.

She told him about the magic chair and had him say "abracadabra" to make it go up and down. He got a big kick out of that. Then she put a "napkin" around Mr. Beeps' neck and one around Erik's. She put sunglasses on Mr. Beeps and took a picture of them together in the chair. It's so cute! Margo had Erik say "Magic Chair ride" or something to make it tilt back. When he got a little freaked out she tilted it back up til he was comfortable.

He let her count his teeth and polish them with tutti fruity stuff. I guess there were monkeys on the head of the cleaning tool and Margo told him they would spin around so they could get some exercise. He thought that was hilarious. They didn't take x-rays or give him a fluoride treatment, because he's so young.

Margo gave him a little prize, a notebook. Then the dentist checked him out and gave him a big prize, a plastic guitar! He was thrilled and so am I.

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