Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bon Mots

I have been writing down funny or agrammatical things Erik has said. But I write on whatever paper I can find, rather than in a book, so I don't have them all together.

Tonight I went to garden and lost track of time. I got back just after bedtime. While I was washing my hands, Erik came into the bathroom. He said, "I heard the door and I said to myself, 'hmm, Is that Papa or Anne?' " Very cute inflection on the "hmm", too. He does usually call us Mama and Papa, but will sometimes use our names if he hears others do it.

He was asking me if I heard a sound. I said, "I heard it earlier but I don't hear it this exact minute." He said, "You hear it later?" Neat how he processed that.

If I find my other scraps I'll post them, too. Joe is going to put our pix from our trip to the Landscape Arboretum online. Start preparing yourself for the cuteness now!

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