Sunday, August 09, 2009

Family Fun

Adin has been continuing to delight us. When he wants to go outside, he'll bring us his shoes, or our shoes, or Erik's shoes. He is learning about using gentle touches. When he sees a baby in a stroller at church or on the bus, he wants so much to touch the baby. We try not to let him, because of germs, but when he manages anyway, he always pets them very gently. When we are walking down the street he points and babbles at every pigeon and dog he sees.

Erik points at every bus and says, 'our bus is coming!' We visited a friend last night and there was a sort of secret passage in the back corner of her backyard that lead to a play area with swings, a teetertotter and a play house. He was completely enchanted by the house, as was Adin. Adin played and played in the kitchen, opening and shutting the doors, pretending to push buttons and splashing in water in the sink. Erik used a 'broom' I had made out of maple leaves and swept and dusted and sang at the top of his lungs. He would ask me, 'what else can you think of that I could clean?'

This friend had a box of legos that she keeps for when her grandchildren come to play. Erik and Adin have used Duplos but we have not yet given them regular Legos. Erik loved them. I had to sort out the biggest ones, as he couldn't get the little ones to stick. He built all kinds of things.

Which reminds me, he's also begun to draw and explain what each line is, but then at the end ask me what I think it is. So today he drew a window washing robot and an elephant. He takes all the bedclothes he can find and piles them up on his bed and says it's a nest. Then he doesn't want us to move them back. He loves when we all come over to his nest and then it's a family nest. Today he and Joe were in the nest first, then Adin and I joined him. He said to Joe, 'I'm a twig and you're a stick and mama and Adin are leaves' in the nest!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all of this stuff Joe! You are such a great Dad.