Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Great Minnesota Get Together

Just got back from a morning at the State Fair. Erik was a lot of fun. We saw pigs, and cows but he loved the sheep. We petted a couple (and washed hands after, of course) and watched some of the sheep show. The horse barn was not open so we missed that, but we looked in a tack shop. I told him he could pick out a horse (they had those Schleiss ones) and he played with one for a while but he wanted a white cowboy hat! He wore it all morning! So cute!

Then we stopped and listened to some live bluegrass music. One of the musicians said the band had been there five years, and this year she was going on the ride where they shoot you way up in the air. Erik asked me if it was scary, I said yes, and he freaked out. He thought it meant right there at the concert. We kept walking and passed an arcade that had kiddie rides in front. We were there about 20 minutes. There was a fire truck, an elephant and an apple car with a worm driver.

At 11 there was a juggler he wanted to see, but right outside the stage was the library tent and Erik and I stayed there. He spun a wheel and answered some questions to win prizes (a book and a library card holder), he finger painted on a fan and sat and listened to several books. I kept asking if he wanted to go see the juggler, because I knew he'd been looking forward to it. By the time he was ready to go, the juggler was done and it was dancers. So we watched them for a few minutes and then he wanted to go back to the fire truck ride. On the way we passed the carousel and had a ride (in the sleigh, the horses are too scary). By the time that was done, Joe felt he had to start heading back so he could go to work.

Erik was very sad to leave the fire truck, and was not even soothed by some chocolate chip cookies. However, eventually he got over it and all in all had a great morning.

Adin was pretty tired and passive during the fair. He enjoyed the animals and the kiddie rides. I think he enjoyed the juggler. He napped quite a bit and ate a lot of Joe's food. Our only disappointment was that the man who was there a couple years ago cutting silhouettes was not there this year. We had really wanted one done of Adin to match the one of Erik at the same age. Oh well. I can take a picture and mail to the guy.

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