Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Imagine that!


Erik has been showing some imagination the last couple days. Yesterday, I came into the living room and he informed me he was going to a party. "Where?" I asked. "At Nora's". He walked over to the back door and said he was going to the car. He let me know he'd driven to the party and asked if I was going to come. I said, "sure", and he asked what I was going to bring to the party!

He will often now say, "I have an idea" and then take me by the hand to show me what he has in mind. He'll say, "it's a surprise, close your eyes."

Yesterday he wanted to watch a video but I told him I didn't know where the DVD book was. He said he could find it, put a finger up to his chin and said, "let me think".
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