Saturday, July 05, 2008

Erik's big ideas


Erik has all kinds of new tricks, too. We have been talking a lot about Michigan. He kept saying something about "again", which happens a lot. We'll read a story, sing a song or say a funny work and he'll want to hear it again. But this time he was thinking that the word "Michigan" sounds like the word "again". (He's been into rhyming lately.) I was pretty impressed.

Yesterday we had a very long car ride from Michigan to Chicago. He got pretty punchy at the end, but at one point began amusing himself in the car by rubbing a wipe on his fingers and face. He rubbed his ears. Then I suggested he rub his feet as they were actually fairly dirty. He did and held onto each side of the wipe and slung the middle around the bottom of his foot. Then he said he was using it "like a jump rope".

Today we were riding in the car and he was singing "Row row row your boat". He'd sing it fast and then slower, slower and then faster. And after each verse he would describe it: "fast and slow" or "slow and fast". It's so fun to watch his brain figure out the world.
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