Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday night

We went to playgroup at church today. It's tough because it's just a little too late in the morning for Erik. He almost fell asleep on the way to playgroup! He did ok the first half, but the second half he was acting up, in retrospect because he was tired. I tried to get him to come over and join the group in prayer and he started wailing that he didn't want to, he wanted to play. So that disturbed the group more than if I'd just left him alone!

In other news, I have completely forgotten the middle part of the times tables. I can't for the life of me figure out 40 divided by 7. I blame pregnancy and parenting.


breje said...

well, 35 divided by 5 is 7..... i give up.....

Gayle said...

40 divided by 7 is 5.7142857.
But I used the calculator.
I would be more upset if I
couldn't remember what 42 divided
by 7 was. We had a good time
at Valpo but the traffic home
was terrible.