Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Adin's Baby Book


Warning: this post refers to human waste products.

So I got out Adin's baby book last night and decided to start working on it. I filled in the easy stuff: background info on both his parents and grandparents. Joe picked out this baby book, it's a very cute one designed by Eric Carle with a "Very Hungry Caterpillar" artwork theme. You can tell it was designed by someone who is either a man, or has never had kids. On the page called "Your Birth Story" there's a section for "Mommy's Story" and "Daddy's Story" and they each have three lines! I'd like to see someone go through childbirth and sum it all up in three lines!

There's also a page on what was going on in the world around the time he was born. So I Googled his birthday. As it turns out, April 18, 2008 was "Poop for Peace Day". Wow. I'm happy that Adin did his part for peace. Maybe he will grow up to be a non-hawk moderate or liberal.
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