Monday, October 01, 2007


Today was Erik's first day of Barnehage. We had signed up for a Birth to Two-year-old parent and child class, but it was canceled due to only five kids enrolled. So we checked out the class for two year olds. The biggest drawback is that it's during Erik's regular naptime. I haven't decided for sure if we'll join the class. I hate to think of him as fussy every Monday morning as he was today.

We showed up, had some free play time before circletime started. At circle time we sang a hello song and "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes" in Norwegian. Then we went down to the gym to run around. The theme for the month is free time activities. So the instructor, who chose the unfortunate name Huldra, had the kids run back and forth doing different actions (hop, crawl, kick) while labeling them in Norwegian. Erik lost it at this time. He went to the door and cried that he wanted to leave. I sat by him and persuaded him to stay by letting him know next would be snack - juice and bread. So we went back upstairs and he drank apple juice and ate bread with brunost. We left then. I decided not to stay for the final half hour of art.

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