Monday, October 01, 2007

Whatever happened to September?

Well, here's the thing. For those of you who don't already know, we're expecting in April. So if Erik's sleeping, I'm sleeping too. I sleep a completely ridiculous amount of time. I'll be glad when this first trimester exhaustion is over. So, despite many adorable things happening in September, it's completely gone from Erik's blog. Oh well.

And may I suggest that you sign up for Google Reader or an RSS feed to your email, if you don't already do this. In Google Reader, you create a Google account. Then you can set up Google reader with the blogs you read. Everytime you log into Google, it will update you on your blogs. So then you don't have to check them all everyday, it will let you know if there's anything new. That's what Joe & I do. For the RSS feed, I guess it sends you an email with a link to new posts. Joe thinks this would be the best option for anyone who considers themselves not so tech savvy.

I hope to see more of you all in October!

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Joe Lindell said...

I put a box on the right column where you can sign up to receive an e-mail every time That's Erik's World is updated. I hope it is helpful and saves you time.