Monday, October 01, 2007

Do it yourself potty training

Last January I bought a seat to put on our toilet for when Erik is old enough to start trying. I wanted him to be very used to seeing it. It hung in the bathroom for months. Then this summer he became very interested in Mama and Papa's use of the toilet so we started having him sit fully clothed on his seat. Then he would tear of one square of toilet paper, throw it in, flush and wash his hands. He loves doing this. A couple weeks ago we had Erik sit naked on the seat while he was waiting for the bath to fill. This worked well because he was super excited about the bath, so sitting on the potty didn't bother him, and well, you know what listening to running water does to a person.

Thursday afternoon Erik was playing when he looked at me and said, "poopy" and pointed to himself. I asked if he wanted to sit on the potty and he beamed and ran to the bathroom. I took his pants down and sat him on his seat. Imagine my surprise when he, uh, well, peed and pooped in the potty! Since then he will ask to sit on the potty a couple times a day. Sometimes something happens and sometimes nothing happens.

It's pretty cool. He's so proud of himself.

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