Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Erik is just starting to be able to make some simple decisions. Up til now, he mostly would repeat the last option we gave him (milk or water? -water). On Monday I was putting his shoes on him to go outside. I grabbed his white shoes. He started saying, "brown brown brown". Ok, we'll put the brown shoes on! Tuesday morning I asked if he wanted Cheerios or a banana, he paused a really long time, and then said "apples". It's great to see that he keeps ideas in his head that he can pull up on his own without me offering them. So this afternoon I asked him which costume he wanted to wear trick or treating tonight. He chose the pumpkin.
It worked out well, we went to Mac for lunch with Joe today. Erik was already wearing regular clothes and I didn't feel like changing him. So I put the firefighter costume on over his clothes and he really got to wear both costumes today.

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