Thursday, August 23, 2007


One big change in Erik the past weeks has been his teeth. He cut four upper teeth last week and is cutting two more lower teeth this week.

This is very hard for me to believe, but Erik is also saying a new word (or two) pretty much every day. Today's word was "pizza". Our good friend/real estate agent Brent Johnson had a gathering for his friends/clients. I told Erik we were going to get pizza and every time I said "pizza" he said "pi-a". It was very fun. At the pizza place/movie theater they had huge blow up black and white stills from movies. One was from "Alice in Wonderland". It showed Alice, the Cheshire cat, and the rabbit holding a big watch. Erik liked this poster and I named the animals for him and said there was a clock. When I said clock, he started clicking his tongue. He's been doing this lately and I wasn't sure what, if anything, it meant. There's a book we read about sounds and I always click my tongue for the clock. I didn't put two and two together until tonight, because he's never done this while reading the book.

This summer Erik has been very interested in pushing his stroller and somewhat frustrated that he can't reach the handle. Today I got him a Graco doll stroller - free! He was quite taken with it and we put various dolls and stuffed animals in it and he pushed them around going, "wee! wee!" He got a little upset when he couldn't climb into it himself but was easily distracted.

Erik's in a very fun stage right now.

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Mormor og Morfar said...

Hei, hei Erik, Sae stor du har blit.
En riktig stor gutt. Mormor har kjoept noe boeker til deg pae garasje salg i Davenport, Iowa og hun skal ha dem med naer vi kommer pae torsdag. Da kan vi leser dem sammen. Vi gleder oss veldig. Hilsen og klem fra mormor og morfar.