Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What is Erik up to today?

Wow, so much to write about. Erik is doing all kinds of new things. His right front tooth cut on Monday so things have been better since then. For example, today nursing became pleasurable again.

Until yesterday, Erik mostly crawled around the room from toy to toy when I was there with him. Yesterday, he started crawling after me when I left the room. Today he is exploring and turning the room upside-down. He is into everything, things it never occured to me he might be into. For example, at one point I had him in the dining room/hall area because there are no cords to grab or pencils to find or outlets to pull cords out of or lamps to tip over. However there is a small fire extinguisher. I never would have thought he might get into that and that I needed to put it away.

On a less charming note, he has begun banging his head a little. Fortunately, not very hard, more like tapping it on whatever he's sitting against - a wall, a couch, etc. I think he just is interested in the sensation.

He is definately pulling to stand now. Yesterday he pulled himself all the way up using a box. Today he did it using my leg to get halfway up and then pushing against a vertical book to get the rest of the way. He likes to be up and on the move.

He is also getting the idea of cause and effect (I think this is where the head banging comes from). He will hit a ball to make the music go on a toy. He will drop things off his highchair tray and look over to see where they went. He's just starting to look under something like a cloth to find the toy he wanted. He's been turning to his name for a while now, but he would also turn if I called another name so he was responding more to my voice and tone. Now he's responding to his name. If I am singing or talking and say his name he smiles and bounces.

Speaking of smiling and bouncing, this is my favorite video ever. I love it. The only thing more fun than watching it over and over is reading more books to Erik. It's fun to think that the upcoming years will only bring more and more times like this.

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